Industrial Relations Law (incorporating John F. Law & Associates) will advise employees in all matters relating to their contract of employment, terms, conditions of employment and termination. Industrial Relations Law will advise employees when they have a reasonable chance of succeeding in a claim for unfair dismissal, under-payment of wages or discrimination.

Being mindful of commercial realities, Industrial Relations Law may prepare and file an Application or the employee may elect to prepare and file their Application themselves in order to minimise expenses.

Industrial Relations Law will advise employees up front of all fees and charges associated with pursuing their claim so that employees have the opportunity to make informed decisions.

As the vast majority of cases resolve prior to being arbitrated by the courts or tribunals, Industrial Relations Law will advise employees on their likelihood of success should they reject an offer of settlement and continue with their case. The employee will be provided with the information necessary to reach informed decisions on whether to resolve their case or continue to litigate.


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